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"RMS has been an indispensable resource for me as a business manager. Our risk consultant, Kathy Johnson, is an indispensable asset to the business managers in the group. Her expertise and experience in risk management is second to no one and she is always available to answer any questions that come up. She has returned my emails and phone messages within minutes and is always willing to take whatever time is necessary to get me answers to my questions. It is like having her on your staff full time."

- School Business Official, Medium-Sized Urban District

"Regarding the Workers' Compensation, we are very pleased to be working with Kathy Johnson and Acuity. Claims are attended to by Acuity in a very professional and cost-effective way. Our claims administrator can speak candidly with the claims representatives and they work with her to bring claims to an end-of-healing in a way that both the injured employee and the district can benefit the most. Managing costs is a very important part of managing Workers' Compensation and we know Kathy will keep us informed of the best ways to help Neenah save time and money. The team of Kathy Johnson and Acuity is the way to go for Workers' Compensation.

- Neenah Jt. S.D., Paul Hauffe

Kathy JohnsonRisk Management Strategies LLC (RMS) was established in 2002 by Kathy Johnson, Principal Consultant.

Risk Management Strategies is an independent insurance and risk management consulting firm. We help to protect your assets and reduce the cost of insurance and claims on the bottom line. We provide objective 3rd party services primarily for Property & Casualty insurance/risk management decisions and procedures.

With budgets a never-ending concern, we are committed that our clients experience value that exceeds the cost of our services. We offer services customized to your specific needs. When you hire us, we become your on-staff risk manager so you don’t have to be an expert yourself. 

RMS is not an insurance agency and we do not sell insurance.  We are compensated by you, the client, and do not receive a commission for the sale of insurance products. Any savings the client realizes as a result of RMS' services are strictly for the benefit of the client and are not assumed by RMS.
For more information on the services that RMS can provide, Email, check the Services page or call us at (608) 663-9032, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., CST.

Kathy began her career in the risk management industry in 1974 as a field claims adjuster, specializing in liability and Workers’ Compensation claims for insurance carriers until 1989.

Kathy moved into corporate risk management at Beatrice Cheese in Waukesha, WI where she oversaw the self-insured claims program for 10 food manufacturing plants in 7 states and created the risk management department. She experienced the challenges and rewards of transforming an unruly and costly claims history to a workable strategy that saved significant dollars on the bottom line.

As the Director of the Wisconsin Council of Safety, Kathy created educational programs for risk management professionals. Immediately before beginning her consulting career in 1996, she worked as a Workers’ Compensation Consultant for an insurance agency.

Through Kathy’s network of business associates and friends, she has access to Workers’ Compensation and liability attorneys. She also has a network of safety consultants to supplement her own knowledge and experience in those areas. A licensed insurance agent, Kathy keeps abreast of the insurance marketplace and risk issues through continuing education.

Phone: (608) 663-9032
Fax: (206) 666-6435
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