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"I have not experienced a vendor who works harder to help a school district than Risk Management Options."

- Sparta Area S.D., Kent Ellickson

Kathy Johnson, Principal Consultant of Risk Management Options LLC began her career as a claims adjuster over 30 years ago. As a claims adjuster, she analyzed claims to determine coverage and negligence on a daily basis. She investigated and settled liability and workers’ compensation claims.  As the Director of the Wisconsin Council of Safety, Kathy created educational programs for risk management professionals and formed relationships with safety, health, insurance, legal, and risk professionals as resources. In 1996, she began consulting with school districts.

Immediately before beginning her consulting career, she worked in sales for an insurance agency and was also their Workers’ Compensation Consultant. Kathy maintains her insurance license to keep abreast of the insurance marketplace and risk issues through continuing education. Since 1996, she has conducted the policy marketing process for clients with significant results in coverage improvements and premium reductions.

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