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"Working with Kathy was a wonderful experience. She was responsive, knowledgeable, and had answers to questions when asked. When questions were asked during the process, she was responsive and timely to requests. The overall organization of the bid process was very well handled. The final quote information she provided was understandable, efficient, and easy to communicate to the Board. The end result: better coverage and significant savings."

- Howards Grove S.D., John Eickholt, Superintendent

"I have not experienced a vendor who works harder to help a school district than Risk Management Options."

- Sparta Area S.D., Kent Ellickson

Kathy JohnsonRisk Management Options LLC (RMO) is a division of Risk Management Strategies LLC (RMS) and was established for the purpose of providing insurance policy review and recommendations and conducting insurance bid processes.

Our objectives are to review and determine the lines of insurance coverage the client needs, based on the nature of its exposures; to market the current policies to the insurance marketplace to as many viable agents and carriers as possible; to analyze the quotes and coverage to determine the best coverage for the best price; and overall, to have a positive impact on the costs and business operations of clients.

With budgets a never-ending concern, we are committed that our clients experience value that far exceeds the cost of our services.

What We Do
Risk Management Options is an independent insurance and risk management consulting firm. We help to protect your assets and reduce the cost of insurance and claims on the bottom line. We provide objective 3rd party recommendations for Property and Casualty insurance and risk management decisions and procedures.

RMO will review current policies and make recommendations for improvement, including a possible recommendation to bid out the policies. Generally, bidding out the policies will result a "sharpening of pencils" by the underwriters. 

RMO's insurance marketing services include the preparation of professional, customized bid specifications, market assignments to ensure the most favorable quotes, coordination with competing agents and underwriters, quote and coverage analysis and detailed spreadsheet preparation.

RMO does not accept commissions from insurance agents or brokers or insurance companies. We only represent the client. Any savings the client realizes as a result of RMO's services are strictly for the benefit of the client and are not assumed by RMO.

For more information on the services that RMO can provide, Email, check the
RMO Services page or call us at (608) 663-9032, Monday through Friday,
8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., CST.

Phone: (608) 663-9032
Fax: (206) 666-6435
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